Monégat Marlène

Public health intern, intern at Cermes3 from November 2015 to April 2016

Masterante at EHESS (master 1 mention santé, populations, politiques sociales)

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Under the supervision of Nicolas Henckes

My work focuses on professional approaches and professional practices of young general practitioners.

This profession is experiencing profound changes due to successive reforms of the health system and the organization of medical studies. New practices and new approaches of the profession are emerging under the influence of several factors: the transformation of training and professional socialization since the reform of medical residency, the increasing feminization, the younger generation of general practitioner's new view of the profession and new incentives of current public health policies. This new approach of general medicine is a decisive issue for the organization of primary health care and more widely for the functioning of the all health care system as general practitioners are occupying a crucial role.

An overview of the current state of knowledge shows that this new approach is mentioned in government reports and internal production of the profession, particularly with regard to collective types of medical practice, new forms of remuneration, new connection to medical information. However, beyond these very general indications we know little about how young general practitioners concretely approach their work with patients.

In this context, the aim of my research project is to develop an initial analysis to understand how young general practitioners are concretely addressing their care work. In this way this project focuses on two key dimensions of general medical practice: prescription and referral to a specialist in the specific field of mental health.