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Barbot Janine

Sociologist, Research Fellow, Inserm


Jeanine Barbot’s research focuses on changes in the relationships between Medicine, Science, Law, and Society. Ms. Barbot was initially interested in community-based health movements, and more particularly in the emergence of new forms of activist commitment in the mid-1990s. She has studied how AIDS organizations made their way into therapeutic innovation processes and into the marketing of drugs. She has also analyzed the rise to power of victim groups, their mobilization dynamics, and their impacts on the forms of regulation of medical and health risks. Janine Barbot is currently developing a research program on compensation procedures for victims of medical injuries. This program is organized around: 1) a social and historical approach to debates on compensation (from the 1970s to the present); 2) international comparisons (mainly focused on the inequalities of access to compensation for victims in various countries); and 3) an analysis of the practices of the actors involved in compensation procedures (lawyers, medical experts, etc.). Approaching these issues through their related procedures makes it possible to connect the medical field with other fields also involved in the compensation issue (including those of work accidents and environmental health).