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Le Vaillant Marc

Statistician, Research Engineer, CNRS




An economist by training, I have mainly directed my activity toward quantitative work in health economics. I initially focused on analyzing the production of care and studying the behavior of those who produce care through empirical work relating in particular to the hospital sector (analysis of the hospital production function, analysis of the hospital reorganization process). At Cermes3, I initially directed my research to general-practitioner care, then more recently to disability, in particular through work based on the INSEE 2011-2012 health-disability survey providing an economic analysis of the care provided to disabled persons in facilities dispensing primary care. As regards hospital-related work, I am associated with the quality-improvement program Incitation à l'Amélioration de la Qualité (IFAQ) initiated by the high authority for health, Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS), and the directorate-general for care supply, Direction Générale de l'offre de soin (DGOS), in which I collaborate with quantitative work aiming to develop a composite index to measure the quality of hospital services. In parallel, I am also interested in promoting and developing statistical methods in the field of Health Economics (data analyses, multilevel modeling, and latent variable modeling).

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