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Ville Isabelle

Sociologist, Research Director, Inserm, and Professor at EHESS

Contact: ville(at)vjf.cnrs.fr



A sociologist, Isabelle Ville facilitates the “disability and societies” program Programme Handicaps et Sociétés at the EHESS, an open meeting space for different disciplines, objects, and social-science researchers around disability issues. She is currently in charge of two research programs:

  • "Les enjeux du diagnostic prénatal dans la prévention des handicaps" (funded by the ANR 2009-2013 and by the Région Île-de-France - PICRI, 2014-2017), studying the stakes involved in prenatal diagnosis for disability prevention
  • "Le handicap comme question publique. Accessibilité, autonomie et droits: de la constitution des politiques à l'expérience des personnes" (funded by heSam Université under the Synergies program, 2014-2017), looking at disability as a public issue and under which she is developing a focal area on "inclusive schooling"

Isabelle Ville is jointly responsible for the Cermes3 focal area “Disability, chronic diseases, and aging: policy and social requalifications” and of the focal area on public health (human and social sciences) of the Disability department of the research center Institut fédératif de recherche; she represents the Inserm at the scientific council of the Caisse nationale de solidarité pour l'autonomie; she is Assistant Editor for the journal Alter, European Journal of Disability Research, which she contributed to found in 2007 and has been Vice-President of Alter, European Society for Disability Research since its inception in 2012.

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