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Aranzazu Ana

Postdoctoral fellow, NormaStim project(Les neurosciences de l'expérimentation à la clinique. Enjeux juridiques, philosophiques et sociologiques de la stimulation cérébrale profonde)

Contact: anitaranzazu(at)gmail.com

Thesis defended on 27 March 2015: The WHO’s global influenza-surveillance network: Globalization, innovation, and public health

Under the supervision of Maurice Rack (Cermes3 CNRS-EHESS), Elisabeth Belmas (Paris 13-EHESS), and Patrice Bourdelais (EHESS)

This project proposes to construct the history of the WHO’s influenza-surveillance system as a public-health program built from an economy based on the transformation of viruses isolated by the network’s laboratories – by using techniques disseminated by collaborating centers – into vaccines distributed to the populations of countries able to provide vaccination according to their national health-system policies. The history of the constitution of an increasingly global network of laboratories made up of heterogeneous actors requires previous examination of the WHO’s coordinating role. This analysis shows how actors with great economic and geopolitical differences and divergences in their scientific authorities were able work together.

The issues are divided into three work areas:

  • The establishment and globalization of the WHO’s influenza-surveillance system and its role as global public-health program in the prevention and control of flu epidemics and pandemics.
  • The relationship between the network and the production of vaccines against pandemic and seasonal influenza and of the related antiviral drugs.
  • The circulation of viral strains, knowledge, and techniques within the global influenza-surveillance network.