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Bertrand Louis

Sociologist, Postdoctoral fellow

Contact: louis.bertrand(at)inserm.fr




The common denominator of all my research work in different fields has been its focus on the relationship between individuals and institutions and on studying the personalization of institutional care. It has evolved from a more institutional point of view in my PhD dissertation, to an approach, in my postdoctoral research in the field of disability, questioning institutional and policy dynamics as well as the life paths of individuals addressing these institutions.

My dissertation work, under the supervision of Jean-Claude Driant, focused on local housing policies for disadvantaged persons. When the dissertation was completed, I joined the Ceries laboratory of the University of Lille 3, where I conducted two postdoctoral research projects with Vincent Caradec and Jean-Sebastien Eideliman. One focused on the individual stakes and institutional rationales connected to applications for disabled-worker status and the other, complementary to the first, on the emergence of the 2005 disability act. I recently joined the Cermes3 laboratory for a postdoctoral research project on "rare disabilities," with Myriam Winance.

Under this project, I am currently drawing up a monograph of two "national rare-disability resource centers." The work aims on the one hand to study the history of these centers and their way of defining their public and their expertise, and on the other hand, to reconstitute in the two centers the care trajectories of 30 singular situations based on consultation of the respective files and on interviews with the professionals in the centers.