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Cabane Lydie

Sociologist, Postdoctoral fellow

Associated with the CSO, Sciences Po Paris

Associated with the Centre Durkheim, Sciences Po Bordeaux


Lydie Cabane’s research is focused on global knowledge and forms of intervention in the area of medical and environmental risks. She is particularly interested in the role of science in setting these various threats as risks and putting them on the global policy agenda: disaster science, global health, etc. Her research aims in particular to develop a political sociology of these social sciences, and of the production, circulation, and policy effects of their knowledge.

Her PhD research focused on the policies and knowledge involved in managing disasters in South Africa. In this capacity, she was part of the ANR XenAfPol directed by Laurent Fourchard (CEAN, Sciences Po Bordeaux), in which she contributed to an analysis of the role and the effects of the safety schemes for vulnerable populations promoted by international organizations.

At Cermes3, she is continuing in this line of thinking with new research funded by Ifris on global-health knowledge and the role of science in the emergence, framing, and policies of “global health.” She is interested in particular in the movement for the institutionalization of global health in US universities, which is central to the development of a global-health space.