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Dorsa Figueiredo Mariana

Psychologist, Postdoctoral fellow

Contact: madorsa(at)hotmail.com



I was trained in the field of public health and my work and research have concentrated on health-care policy and management, more particularly on primary-care aspects. During my Master’s I tackled the subject of inter-professional work in the Brazilian public-health system. I analyzed the development of a proposal in which specialized professionals provided technical support to general practitioners, nurses, and other primary-care professionals. This work was published in the journal Ciência & Saúde Coletiva (see on line – French translation).

In preparing my PhD dissertation, I focused on the training of professionals and on the need of capacitating them to approach patients’ subjective and social dimensions. My research consisted in analyzing the use of a training methodology in a specialization course for primary-care professionals and its effects on the students’ practice, especially regarding the approach to subjectivity in clinical practice. This methodology, called Paideia Methodology, proposes to articulate case discussions, intervention practices, and the theoretical supply in order to stimulate the introduction of new concepts and to trigger interventions in the health services. This work gave rise to the book, Práxis e Formação Paideia: Apoio e Cogestão em Saúde (see on lineand to an article in the journal Interface: Comunicação, Saúde, Educação (see on line – french translation).

In my postdoctoral work, I am interested in knowing the current changes in the French health system so as to take to Brazil other ways of thinking and of acting on the challenges of Brazilian health policy.