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Moutaud Baptiste

Anthropologist, Postdoctoral fellow

Contact: moutaud.baptiste(at)sfr.fr

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My research activities since 2004 and my PhD dissertation focused on the new experimental and therapeutic knowledge and practices emerging in mental health as an effect of neuroscience and biological psychiatry. Based on significant ethnographic work conducted in the hospital context, I am exploring how medicine and brain science are contributing to redefine, in psychiatry, the concept of cure and effectiveness and, above all, are conveying conceptions of the disorders and mental life of individuals that inform us on the forms of life that are valued in contemporary societies.

These fields cut across the technologies of intracerebral neuromodulation (deep brain stimulation or vagus nerve stimulation); preventive care of young adults defined as being at risk of developing a mental disorder; and cognitive-remediation therapies for schizophrenia aimed at optimizing patients’ cognitive resources.