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Ouvrier Ashley

Anthropologist, Postdoctoral fellow

Associated with Cermes3 and the Centre Norbert Elias

Contact: ashleyouvrier(at)gmail.com

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By mobilizing theater and photography, Ashley Ouvrier has endeavored to open spaces of dissemination and discussion adapted to her research topics and her investigations. Her work focuses on the social uses of medicine and medical experimentation in West Africa and in France.

For her dissertation, she worked on the social linkages and power games at work in a rural area of Senegal where French scientific-cooperation actors have been interacting with participants in clinical trials for several generations. Her ethnographic approach aims at transcending the approach to clinical trials through controversy in order to clarify the complexity of the systemic, symbolic, and policy stakes involved. Her work is described in her 2014 publication entitled: "Faire de la recherche médicale en Afrique : Ethnographie d'un village-laboratoire".

In the context of her research on ways of doing anthropology differently, she produced a theater-workshop show on the experience of clinical trials in collaboration with the Senegalese theater company Kaddu Yaraax, which was then used as an outline for ethics-training workshops in West Africa. She has also produced an ethnological photography exhibition on the material and emotional traces of scientific research in Senegal entitled "Mémoires en partage : un autre regard sur la recherche en Afrique".

For the past year, Ashley Ouvrier has been working in France on lay representations and ways of managing the risks of medical treatment under a research program directed by Sylvie Fainzang.

Depuis un an, Ashley travaille en France sur les représentations et modes de gestion profanes du risque médicamenteux dans le cadre d'un programme de recherche dirigé par Sylvie Fainzang.

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