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Sifer-Rivière Lynda

Sociologist, Postdoctoral fellow

Contact: sifer(at)vjf.cnrs.fr


Lynda Sifer-Rivière is interested in current changes in the organization of care, in particular in the problems involved in cooperation and work within the medical profession. After having studied the processes leading to the emergence and institutionalization of regional oncology networks, then the implementation of geriatric-oncology coordination units, she is following up on her work by comparing the organization of care for persons suffering from Alzheimer’s disease around cooperation schemes aimed at improving coordination throughout the entire care trajectory and home-based care. In this perspective, she is focusing her postdoctoral research more particularly on the specificity of care of young patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other related disorders. Her various research objects – regional, territorial, and local oncology networks; referral centers for Alzheimer’s disease; and a standardized medical and medical-social file – are aimed in particular at a better determination of the new forms of relations and hierarchy among actors in the health system and the various modes of regulation contributing to reconfigure the conditions of medical practice and of the experience of the disease.