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Stavrianakis Anthony

Anthropologist, CNRS Research Scientist

Contact : stavrianakis(at)gmail.com



My work focuses on forms and practices of ethical judgment in science and medicine. I completed a thesis in anthropology at UC Berkeley in 2012, on the theme of collaboration between the biological and human sciences, under the direction of anthropologist Paul Rabinow. Together we have written two books on ethical modes of anthropological inquiry in technoscientific and creative-artistic domains. Demands of the Day: On the Logic of Anthropological Inquiry (University of Chicago Press, 2013) is a reflection on the limits of scientific collaboration, at a time when such collaboration is often considered as a panacea to public and social challenges of contemporary sciences. Our second book, Designs on the Contemporary: Anthropological Tests (University of Chicago Press, 2014) continues our exploration of the anthropology of ethics in the domain of artistic production. Most recently I have collaborated on the production of a pedagogical reader for a contemporary anthropological approach to the study of science: Science, Reason, Modernity: Readings for an Anthropology of the Contemporary.

Currently I am working on an archival and fieldwork-based anthropological inquiry into manners of dying, which takes up changes in medical practices towards the ending of life since the nineteenth century in the US and Europe. The first part of the fieldwork I am pursuing centers on practices of assisted suicide in Switzerland. This fieldwork is supported by the Wenner Gren Foundation. It will then open out onto inquiry into other modalities of dying today, in and outside of the hospital, in the US and France, as well as in Switzerland.

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