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Béliard Aude

Sociologist, Lecturer, Paris Descartes University

Contact: aude.beliard(at)parisdescartes.fr



My work falls under a body of research offering analyses of the interactions between family and health, and of the relationship between “laymen” and “professionals” in the field of health. I am particularly interested in mental-health issues, which leads me to describe how those involved take over (or not) the various available medical categories to describe and conceptualize disorders, how everyday practical arrangements to live with these disorders are implemented, are organized and evolve, and how these two aspects are articulated. This contributes to a better understanding of how experiences of mental health and disorders are all at once fashioned by public policies, geared by the standards and recommendations of professionals, and become part of social relationships.

My current research focuses on: the trajectories of children designated as having an attention deficit hyperactivity disorder between their family, school, and health professionals; home-assistance practices and ways of qualifying the disorders of senior persons, the new forms of regulation of these practices and qualifications within the framework of the policy set up to fight against Alzheimer’s disease; and the experience and trajectories of children affected by microphthalmia/anophthalmia, and their families.

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