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Berlivet Luc

Historian, Research Fellow, CNRS

Contact: berlivet(at)vjf.cnrs.fr

Website : https://independent.academia.edu/LucBerlivet


Luc Berlivet combines the contributions of sociology and of the history of sciences and medicine to analyze how doctors, scholars, and administrators have sought to characterize observable differences within human populations from the perspective of public intervention. He has studied, in particular, the changes in medical statistics and the rise, in the second half of the twentieth century, of a style of reasoning in terms of "health hazard" that led to a new problematization of public health, in particular of preventative health policies. His current work focuses on the evolution of conceptions of human heredity since the end of the nineteenth century and on the respective roles of "nature" and "culture" in explaining differences and inequalities among human individuals and groups. He is therefore interested in the trajectory of the different scientific and medical disciplines involved in eugenics projects; his research is in particular related to the case of "Latin eugenics" (France, Italy, Romania, Latin America) and to the different ways in which the influence of the environment on heredity itself has been considered. In parallel, he is studying the history of medical genetics since its institutionalization shortly after World War II. He teaches at the EHESS and is a member of the scientific council of the European Phoenix JDP - Dynamics of Health and Welfare postgraduate program.

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