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Bonniau Béatrice

Research Assistant, Engineering Assistant, Inserm

Contact: beatrice.bonniau(at)paris5.sorbonne.fr

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An Inserm research assistant at Cermes3, Béatrice Bonniau works in social sciences in the field of mental health. She collaborates on research on changes in the representations of autism and on the emergence of the concept of neurodiversity. She has published as co-author in international journals: “Changes in the diagnosis of autism – How parents and professionals act and react in France”, Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry, 37/3, 2013, 405-426; “The autism experiences of French parents”, Autism, 15/1, 2011, 83-97; “What can we learn about autism from autistic persons?”, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, 77/5, 2008, 271-277.

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