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Bourgain Catherine

Geneticist, Research Fellow, Inserm

Qualified to Direct Research

Contact: catherine.bourgain(at)inserm.fr



My research was focused for a long time on the development of statistical-analysis methods to study the genetic component of multi-factor diseases in human beings, with particular focus on approaches combining population genetics and genetic epidemiology. Studying complex diseases in (geographically or culturally) isolated human populations and developing ad hoc statistical methods then constituted my major work areas. International collaborations allowed me to apply my work to various diseases (asthma, spondyloarthropathies, hemochromatosis, arterial hypertension, obesity, cancer, etc.).

After taking a one-year leave to study (2009), I was trained in methodological approaches to measurements of subjectivity in health, which I applied to the evaluation of the risks and benefits related to the consumption of addictive products.
In September 2012, I joined Cermes3, where I am examining the technology of high-throughput genomics in the context of the development of so-called personalized medicine. I am studying at the same time the new research practices and clinical practices that this technology has contributed to bring about and the problems they raise with regard to the current regulations on genetic testing.

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