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Briffault Xavier

Sociologist, Research Fellow, CNRS

Qualified to Direct Research

Contact: briffault.xavier(at)wanadoo.fr

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After a dozen years working in cognitive sciences on the articulation of artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, linguistics, and group sociology, starting in the 2000s my work evolved toward issues related to the sociology, epidemiology, and epistemology of health, particularly of mental health.

Today, I am interested in mental disorders – more specifically depression and obsessive compulsive disorders – psychotherapy, and mental-health prevention programs. In particular, I am developing on these subjects a sociologically and epistemologically informed critical analysis of the methods used to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions, more particularly in the context of the extension of the Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) paradigm to mental medicine (EBMM) and of the growing interest of public-health operators in mental health. More generally, my work falls under the perspective of an epistemological and sociological elucidation of "measurement" in mental health and of the social practices that it induces.
I am an expert for various public-health institutions (the French High Council of Public Health, High Authority of Health, Biomedicine Agency, Inter-ministerial Mission to Combat Drugs and Drug-addiction, National Health Prevention and Education Institute, etc.) and I teach subjects related to mental-health issues (psychotherapy, EBM, statistics, mental disorders, epidemiology, etc.). I also supervise several doctoral and postdoctoral researchers.

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