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Cassier Maurice

Sociologist, Research Fellow, CNRS

Contact: cassier(at)vjf.cnrs.fr



Maurice Cassier is a graduate of the Cachan École Normale Supérieure and has a PhD in Socioeconomics of Innovation from of the École des Mines de Paris. His research program explores in the fields of science, living beings, and health the particular tensions there were in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries between the extension of exclusive property rights, and common goods and public goods. He has published many articles in sociology, history, and economic journals on Louis Pasteur patents, on controversies over drug patents since the beginning of the nineteenth century, on disputes related to patents on genes, on collective invention in scientific and industrial consortia in the fields of biotechnology and pharmacy. Since 2002, he has directed a research program on intellectual property and drug copies in Brazilian pharmaceutical laboratories in collaboration with the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (ANR Pharmasud) and has collaborated since 2012 with IRD researchers on a research project (ERC Globalmed) on the invention and production of anti-malaria drugs containing artemisinin. He is currently supervising eight EHESS PhD dissertations in the field of intellectual property and therapeutic innovations.

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