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Chamak Brigitte

Sociologist, Research Engineer, Inserm

PhD in History, Sociology, and Epistemology of Science and Technology (1997)
Scientist in charge of the ANR 09 SSOC 006 project (2009-2013) "Vie sociale des neurosciences" (The Social Life of Neurosciences)
Contact: brigitte.chamak(at)parisdescartes.fr

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After training in biology and research activity in neurobiology at the Collège de France from 1984 to 1994 (neurobiology dissertation in 1989), Brigitte Chamak conducted research in history, sociology, and philosophy of science by studying the construction of cognitive sciences (dissertation in 1997). A historical and sociological analysis of the constitution of the network of French experts in the field of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies then became the subject of her research, with a very detailed focus on the problems related to expertise, risk, and the public debate. She then published a study focused on the history of research on cancer (2011) based on the archives of the cancer specialist Antoine Lacassagne. Since 2002, her research topics in the field of mental health have been the changes in representations of autism (comparison between France and Quebec), the role of social movements (parents' and autists' organizations), the genesis of the concept of neurodiversity, and, more recently, the social impact of neurosciences (ANR 09 SSOC 006 project). Her current research focuses on the issue of the evaluation of the methods proposed to address the problem of learning among autistic subjects.

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