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Demagny Lise

Head of Quantitative Studies, Assistant Engineer, CNRS

Contact: demagny(at)vjf.cnrs.fr


Copy Editor for the journal Sciences sociales et santé | Contact for the journal: revue-sses(at)cnrs.fr 


Lise Demagny works on the issues involved in the care provided to patients by their family and in public-health schemes for patients suffering from mental disabilities or Alzheimer's disease. Working with two research teams and different methodological approaches, these two projects aim to describe the conditions in which support is provided to these dependent persons, to measure the involvement of caregivers in terms of their own trajectories, and to understand the criteria governing families' recourse to institutional support procedures. This work also seeks to provide a situational analysis of their current expectations and needs.

She is also studying the relationship between the world of research and patients' organizations, and more particularly the mechanisms at work in the relationships and possible collaborations between the researchers of the Inserm units and these organizations. This work, conducted with Martine Bungener and François Faurisson was initiated by the Inserm patients' organization focus group GRAM, Groupe de réflexion avec les associations de malades de l'Inserm.

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