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Fainzang Sylvie

Anthropologist, Research Director, Inserm

Contact: sylvie.fainzang(at)orange.fr




After my initial research on managing illness in a West African society, my past research focused on the interpretation of illness and accusation models in France, the relationship to sexuality and reproduction in polygamous African immigrant families, representations of alcoholism and its treatment mechanisms in a group of former alcoholics (Vie libre), the social uses of drugs and the relationship to medical prescriptions in groups of various religious cultural origins, information of patients, the lie in the doctor-patient relationship, and patient autonomy in a context of self-medication. (Detailed presentation of my course of research at Histrecmed; list of publications on my Personal Website.)

My current research is focused on actors' strategies to manage the risks related to drug taking, and on the social issues involved in the self-medication process. In addition, I am Editor-in-Chief of the journal Anthropologie & Santé and Scientific Coordinator of the Medical Anthropology at Home network.

Interview with Sylvie Fainzang (mars 2012)

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