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Fansten Maïa

Sociologist, Lecturer, Paris Descartes University

Department of Human and Social Sciences

Contact: maia.fansten(at)paridescartes.fr

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My current research is focused on the new forms of desocialization or social withdrawal of young persons who have either dropped out of the education system or broken with recognized forms of social and spatial integration. Within the framework of a collective interdisciplinary project, we are first seeking, based on the exemplary case of "hikikomori" in Japan, to produce a comparative assessment on how "social drop-outs" are perceived, named and taken charge of in France and in Japan. More broadly, the goal is to lay the foundations of a comparative study aiming at an anthropological understanding of the resources that the social and cultural space offers individuals in how, concretely, their physical and emotional individuality is shaped – at the risk of certain exemplary cultural pathologies.

This research was funded by the UPD for 2011 following a bid for collaborative research projects; it gathers three UPD teams (Cermes3, EDA and PSIGIAM) and includes an anthropologist, sociologists, psychiatrists, and psychologists.
I am also taking part in the SAGE study on the meaning of agitation in so-called hyperactive children, "Les sens de l'agitation chez l'enfant. Quêtes diagnostiques, investissements familiaux et regards professionnels autour d'enfants réputés agités" (funded by the Pfizer Foundation). The investigation aims to study the trajectories (from their first contact with educational institutions to their entry into adolescence) of children designated as hyperactive and/or attention deficient. Within this framework, I am conducting interviews with families directly facing an ADHD diagnosis.

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