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Gay Jean-Guy

Secretary-General, Engineer, Inserm

Contact: jean-guy.gay(at)inserm.fr



At Cermes3, I am in charge of the following missions:

  • Administrative coordination and management
  • Management of staff and of the corresponding resources (preparation of staff-management documents falling under the responsibility of unit heads for both tenured staff and nonpermanent staff, individualized follow-up of administrative situations, human-resources advisor, statutory and regulatory surveillance)
  • Budget preparation, and organization and surveillance of its execution.
  • Application to our line ministries and bodies for staff and operational resources for the year n+1
  • Assistance in the preparation of research contracts and conventions with the EEC, the ANR, the INCa, Cancéropôle Île-de-France, the CNAMTS, and other public or private partners (administrative information, estimate of staff, operational, and equipment needs)
  • Official reports
  • Dissemination of internal and external information (institutional information, scientific information – invitations to tender – and information on the organization of the unit)
  • Contribution to the issuing of documentary reports, replies to investigation and information requests: collection, processing and presentation of data on the organization, production, and resources of the unit for line ministries and bodies (Ministries in charge of research and health and their senior staff, Inserm, CNRS, EHESS, Paris-Descartes University).

I am also unit prevention assistant (establishment of the single risk-assessment document, and participation in the meetings of the hygiene, safety, and working-conditions committees).