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Haxaire Claudie

Anthropologist, lecturer, Université Bretagne Occidentale

Contact: claudie.haxaire(at)univ-brest.fr



Raised in Africa, Claudie Haxaire, a pharmacist, specialized in tropical botany after getting her diploma in order to undertake research in ethnopharmacology in the footsteps of Kerharo and Boiteau. Her first fieldwork as a member of multidisciplinary teams including ethnologists and ethnolinguists led her to work under the emic perspective. Her thesis was thus organized according to her Gbaya interlocutors' categories (Central African Republic). When she returned to France, she trained in social and cultural anthropology at the EHESS with M. Augé, who invited her to take a detour through general anthropology in order to understand diseases and remedies. In France, she wished to apply to drugs from the pharmaceutical industry the approach developed in Africa to understand the drug/remedy system. She answered an invitation to tender from the MIRE to work on "drugs and mental health" with two speech analysts, proposing an approach derived from ethnomethodology to apprehend the practical knowledge of ordinary consumers of psychotropic drugs who were patients of general practitioners. In Brittany, she continued her research on these general-practitioner prescribers then went on to explore one of their operational categories: that of patients with psychological disorders. Then at the medical team's request, she conducted research around the distress and suffering of certain families at risk of thrombosis. The research focused on the risk management and practical knowledge in the area of prevention worked out by these families in interaction with the teams.
Her research in Côte d'Ivoire continued with integration of the issue of industrial drugs, initially at the local level as regards treatment of STI. Her research has continued, in the context of the globalization of drugs, on the production and regulation of anti-malaria drugs.

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