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Le Galès Catherine

Economist, Research Director, Inserm

Contact: c.legales(at)vjf.cnrs.fr



Politiques et modes de prise en charge au regard des capabilités de personnes vulnérables : quels effets sur la vie quotidienne des personnes ?
Vie à domicile et accompagnement familial des personnes atteintes de la maladie d'Alzheimer
Emblematic of life situations that have become vulnerable because of disease and aging, persons with Alzheimer's disease are "targeted" by public policies in a growing number of countries. In France, public action states as its goal to improve their quality of life and that of their "caregivers," and calls on families' responsibility and active commitment, presented as essential for extended care at home of the affected person. These general principles entail a twofold need: to recognize the involvement of these "caregivers"; and to support the families' action with specific measures. The pragmatic issue of my research, which is developed in the perspective of social justice, is to take better account of what is important to the sick and their family circle. The theoretical issue, through an approach by capabilities, is to open a space to take into consideration the actors' reflexivity and to insist on people's real freedom to choose what is important for them, and in doing so, to promote the ways of life that they have reasons to value. The methodological issue has to do with the shift of interest from the tasks accomplished to the ways of achieving them and the reasons given to do so, in order to approach or estimate the capabilities at play despite the fact that they are not directly observable. To respond to these issues, the research uses a multidisciplinary approach (economics, sociology, anthropology) and intersects with the analysis of various corpora (cohort data, interviews and observations of the patients and their families, etc.). In addition to the previously described scientific activity, I develop expertise activities in support of the public-health policies in line with expertise I have acquired both nationally and internationally.

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