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Jauffret-Roustide Marie

Sociologist, Research Fellow, Inserm

Contact: marie.jauffretroustide(at)santepubliquefrance.fr



A political-science graduate with a PhD in sociology, Marie Jauffret-Roustide is currently leading a research program at the Inserm on risk management in the field of addictions and the place of lay knowledge in building risk-reduction policies. She implements a multidisciplinary approach combining sociology, epidemiology, and political science, based on quantitative research methods (cross-cutting epidemiological investigations, cohorts), qualitative ones (interviews and ethnographic observation), and mixed methods (analyses of social networks).
She is the scientist in charge of several epidemiological and sociological investigations on the health of drug users, users' life trajectories and consumption practices, and the social and political context of exposure to the risk of HIV and of hepatitis. Several fields of research are in progress on exposure to risk in prisons, the social acceptability of supervised consumption sites, the dynamics of HIV and Hepatitis-C transmission in drug users' social networks, and also drug users' self-support and remission from dependence. Her research program proposes to analyze jointly public policies and users' social practices in the field of risk-management analysis and from the perspective of a European comparison (France, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands).

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