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Ravaud Jean-François

Social Epidemiologist, Research Director, Inserm

Director of the disability research institute Institut Fédératif de Recherche sur le Handicap - IFRH (GFR Inserm, FR 3553 CNRS)

Associate Professor at the EHESP, Chair of the EHESP-CNSA "Participation sociale et situations de handicap"Contact: ravaud(at)vjf.cnrs.fr




A psychiatrist and epidemiologist, Jean-François Ravaud joined the Inserm Garches Unit 215 (Neurological Motor Disability and Growth) in 1983, with a position of INSERM Visiting Research Fellow in public health, then as a Research Fellow in 1987. He joined Cermes in 1996 where from 1998 to 2002 with J. Pierret he headed the team working on Health, Disease, and Disability: Living Conditions and Everyday Experience. He was named Research Director in 2000. With Michel Fardeau and Jean-Pierre Didier, he set up the disability research center Institut fédératif de recherche sur le Handicap (IFRH) in 1994, of which he became director in 2003 after having been in charge of the Public Health, Human and Social Sciences department since its inception. Favorably evaluated as a federative research organization by the AERES, the IFRH is now GFR Inserm and FR CNRS. In 2011, he was named Associate Professor at the EHESP, Chair of the EHESP-CNSA "Participation sociale et situations de handicap"(Social participation and disability situations), and Director of the Maison des Sciences Sociales du Handicap. He has participated in various scientific authorities, in particular of the Inserm and the Ined. He was a member of the scientific board of the ANED (the European Commission's Academic Network of European Disability Experts). He is currently a member of the experts committee of the AVIESAN ITMO Public Health and Vice-President of the scientific council of the CNSA, representative of the Inserm at the national advisory council of disabled persons and at the national observatory on disability training, research, and innovation, where he chairs the Research and Innovation working group.

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