Rosman Sophia †

Sociologist, Research Engineer, Inserm




Sophia Rosman began her sociological work by exploring AIDS and cancer patients’ experience of disease. She then directed her research to comparing professionals in France and in the Netherlands, two countries characterized by different operational rationales in organizing the health sector, in particular in primary care and obstetrics. Her research focused first on the rationales underpinning prescription among French and Dutch general practitioners, then on the role of “nurse practitioners” in general practice, a new category of professionals performing medical procedures previously reserved to doctors. Then she became interested in professional practices in prenatal screening and prenatal diagnosis (PND) and their links with the prevention and representation of disability. This research was based on ethnographic observations conducted in midwives’ consulting rooms and PND centers in the Netherlands. The work was part of a collective project comparing PND practices in France, the Netherlands, England, and Brazil. It was followed up under a research project in collaboration with the CIANE, which aims to analyze women’s experiences of PND practices and what they imply in terms of information and decisions.

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