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Rothier Bautzer Eliane

Sociologist, Lecturer, Paris Descartes University

Science of Education, Qualified to Direct Research

Contact: eliane.bautzer(at)parisdescartes.fr / eliane.bautzer(at)gmail.com



Eliane Rothier Bautzer is a lecturer in Science of Education, in charge of the Health Professionals Training course in the Master’s Education and Training program (Paris Descartes University/SHS) between 2006 and 2015. Her research focuses on the training of professionals (health/social/education) whose work aims to gradually develop the autonomy of the persons who are addressed. These latter are led to become the main agent in the process (whether in therapy, remediation, compensation, or health education) for which, as the ultimate paradox, they have in fact been taken under care. Through her publications and communications, Ms. Rothier Bautzer has shown that the relationships between professionals and the persons who consult with them are called into question by this new position given, over time, to articulating care/cure, care/social support, care/remedial schooling, care/health education, etc. In her current work she is deepening the description and the comprehension of the emergence of care practices and the tensions they convey by upsetting professional territories built since the beginning of the twentieth century around a structuring dimension (cure, in the health sector, which must henceforth be articulated with care). In 2012 and 2013, she published two works on the training of French nurses in relation to medical training in a perspective that takes the international dimension into account. In 2015, Eliane is studying the feasibility of an editing project of a Master of Science at the border of Health and Human and Social Sciences : Master CEPASC ( Chronicity , Education , Prevention, Empowerment, Health connected). In 2016, she organized an upcoming seminar on the question of care pathways, life course complex chronic patients who start on the 2017 school year.

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