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Vellut Natacha

Psychologist, Engineer, CNRS

Contact: natacha.vellut(at)parisdescartes.fr



Within several research I put to good use my triple training in sociology, psychoanalysis and psychology, my clinical experience of mental health and my interest in the representations of family and parent-child relations.

  • Understanding of infanticide.
    Within this project, I am instructed to specify the profiles of the authors and the typology of the families involved, to inform judicial decisions, to consider preventive measures to social workers and care professionals.
  • Social renouncers or hikikomori, comparative study France-Japan.
    I work on the definition of this new idiom of distress of young people in the western modern companies.
  • Definition of exits from addictive behavior and understanding the associated factors of vulnerability, in particular the factors of family vulnerability.
    This research allows me to explore the themes of family and different ages of life, and their many repercussions in the field of mental health. I try to define the representations, the standards and the prescriptions of generational and family ties by the actors of the mental health field. I strive to verify if certain modalities or forms of parenthood have consequences or negative influences in terms of mental health.

Teaching in several Master's degree:
D.U. Early childhood, childhood, adolescence at the University Denis Diderot.
D.U. Voice and symptoms at the University Denis Diderot.
Master of survey in the field of sociology at the University Paris Descartes.

Consultation as psychologist clinician within a parisian therapeutic association (L'EPOC).

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