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Velpry Livia

Lecturer in Sociology, Paris 8 University

Contact: livia.velpry(at)univ-paris8.fr

Websites : Personal Website Collectif Contrast


A sociologist and demographer by training, Livia Velpry has conducted research on mental health for more than ten years. In the framework of her first work devoted to the social experience of mental illness,  she studied the care of serious mental disorders in France from the angle of the patient-professional relationship and of the experience of the disease. Her many collaborations with professionals in psychiatry led her to become interested in the emergence of psychotic disorders then in violence issues in psychiatry – approached from the angle of the victimization of persons with mental disorders and from that of difficult situations in hospital wards – and of closed psychiatric wards. Since 2013, she has co-facilitated a multidisciplinary research program, CONTRAST, funded by the ANR, which deals with the reshaping of the regulations of the constraining dimension of care in mental health.

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