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Viet Vincent

Historian, Researcher, French Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Contact: viet(at)vjf.cnrs.fr




Vincent Viet is conducting historical research on social and health policies, social ministries, social protection and immigration policy, the prevention of occupational hazards, and labor law. He has specialized in exploring an institutional and social field, that of social ministries, treated as an autonomous system of positions, actors, and institutions, organized according to internal stakes and relationships. The main theoretical challenge of this specialization is to decipher, over the long run, the evolution of relationships and non-relationships between the imperative forms of the main functions (or policies) of social ministries (protect, house, put to work, give work, train, look after, assist, ensure, etc.) and the pronominal or reflexive forms that, individually and collectively, can supplement them (for example, to protect oneself – against work accidents, against the hazards of living; to put oneself to work, to find oneself a job, to look after oneself, to train oneself, to ensure oneself, etc.).

His most recent research focuses on the thwarted genesis of French public-health policy. The goal is to understand why World War I was not, for this policy, a founding event, i.e. bringing with it a structuring capacity with long-term effects, whereas it was for social-insurance, immigration, labor, and industrial-relations policies and  whole segments of labor legislation. To decipher this absence of filiation, Vincent Viet relies on the trajectory of Justin Godart (1871-1956), who was a privileged actor and witness of the social and health policies induced by World War I.

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