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Huré Marie-Sylvie

Research Assistant, engineer CNRS

Contact: marie-sylvie.hure(at)parisdescartes.fr



Marie-Sylvie Huré began her career as an administrator at the Ministry of Justice, where she was in charge of producing the annual statistics of justice (Compte général). Her responsibilities included managing the publication and its dissemination, as well as answering statistical requests from diverse sources (administration, students, press etc).

Her knowledge of court processing allowed her then to collaborate in research activities as part of a team of four people, coordinated by a research engineer. The team’s aim was to create La Base Davido, a digital database containing over 150 years of judicial statistics. She was also involved in empirical research on the judicial treatment of diverse court cases and on sentencing.

Marie-Sylvie Huré is currently contributing to work directed by C. Pérez-Diaz that uses judicial cases to analyse the institutional treatment of violence (physical and sexual). Special attention is given to violence associated with alcohol abuse, as well as mental health problems and their penal and medico-socio-educational treatments. The most recent publications are dedicated to the detailed quantitative and qualitative analyses of 194 altercations between intimate partners, where the one partner was already violent.

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