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Benvenuto Andrea

Lecturer in Philosophy, EHESS

PhD in Philosophy, l’Université Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis

Contact: andrea.benvenuto(at)ehess.fr



My research broadly analyses philosophical and political questions of citizenship through the lense of d/Deaf people and sign language(s). The case of d/Deaf people can be used as a tool of analysis to provide reflections on and responses to the effects of difference (in terms of lifestyles, use of space, the body, norms) rather than the fact of difference (understood as a unavoidable category). This enables us to address the notion of alterity mobilised in discourses on disability and minorities. My research covers three areas. The first, analyses institutional trains of thought in the field of health signaling a shift towards an anthropological approach to the health of d/Deaf people. The second, concerns writings in political history about the collective mobilisation of d/Deaf people since the nineteenth century and pursues the question of how d/Deaf people have fought for recognition and for the recognition of equality in their acts. My third research interest concerns the material production of d/Deaf inviduals, in the artistic domain particularly, analysis of these artefacts challenges and overturns the privileged position of the articulated word demonstrating the existence of another set of linguistic, cultural and bodily norms, which are different from those for speakers of spoken languages.

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