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Beaudevin Claire

Social Anthropologist, Research Fellow, CNRS

Corresponding member of the CEFAS (CNRS USR 3141), Sanaa, Yemen / Koweit City, Koweit

Contact : claire.beaudevin(at)cnrs.fr

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I'm a social anthropologist, and more specifically a medical anthropologist. My current research deals with medical genetics and genomics, mostly in Arabia and also in France. I am very interested in combining medical anthropology and anthropology of science when exploring the ways patients, families, health practitioners and researchers create and navigate the highly technologized world of genetics, wherever they are.

My fieldwork sites are: 1/ Arabia (Oman and United Arab Emirates) where I focus on the interactions between public health, clinical genetics and human genetics research; 2/ France, where I am part of a project investigating oncogenomic platforms that are funded by the French Cancer National Institute (INCa). This research is part of the project titled "High throughput Genomics and Personalized Medicine" where I work with Catherine Bourgain and Ashveen Peerbaye.
In parallel, I co-coordinate an EHESS research seminar series (together with Jean-Paul Gaudillière, Fanny Chabrol, Laurent Pordié, Vinh-Kim Nguyen, Frédéric Keck, Guillaume Lachenal and Emilia Sanabria). Our series deals with global health and the 2015-2016 season is titled "Global Health: Knowledges, Dispositifs, Poli-cies/-tics".

Collective research projects I'm part of:
- Génomique Haut Débit et Médecine Personnalisée (2014-2016, Dir. Catherine Bourgain, funding: IFRIS)
- From International to Global: Knowledge, Diseases, and the Postwar Government of Health  (2014-2019, Dir. Jean-Paul Gaudillière, funding: European Research Council)

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