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Ancian Julie

PhD student in Sociology, EHESS

EHESS PhD contract (2012-2015)

Contact: julie.ancian(at)ehess.fr


Dissertation title: The impossible motherhood. Sociological approach of neonaticide (France, 2005-2015)

Under the joint supervision of Simone Bateman (Cermes3) and Marc Bessin (Iris)

Neonaticide cases are enlightening in analyzing non-standard procreation behavior. Whereas unwanted pregnancies are a well-documented public-health issue, the interpretations given by the various authors of neonaticide discourse (the media, justice professionals, or clinicians) neglect the social and cultural constraints and the biographical events weighing on a woman in perfect control of her fertility, to the benefit of psychologizing readings. This project starts from the postulate that neonaticide acts and the non-standard contraceptive trajectories that precede them follow a form of reasoning that it is advisable to analyze. We will therefore study from the perspective of gender-based social relations the biographical trajectories involved in these cases in order to identify the factors that can explain the absence of use of the available means for avoiding an unwanted birth.