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Ballot Déborah

PhD student in Social Anthropology, EHESS

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Dissertation title: Community vs. community: Gypsy communities meeting the medical and paramedical communities. Preventive practices and therapeutic journeys of the Gypsies of Perpignan

Dissertation supervisor: Sylvie Fainzang

This work is intended to study the preventive practices and therapeutic journeys of the Gypsies of the city of Perpignan, namely the conditions under which Gypsies seek out health professionals, the relations they have with these latter, and their comings and goings among the various institutions. The research will also examine the social treatment of the concepts of responsibility and autonomy as applied to Gypsies, in light of the prejudices of which they are victims according to which they tend to not be considered as responsible and autonomous beings when in contemporary French society individuals are supposed to have these qualities in health matters. Between the various regulations and institutions that they have to face, however, Gypsies have very little latitude. The research will try to grasp the conditions under which the medical system ensures the good health of this population, and the importance of compliance with its recommendations. It will examine, in the context of health policies and the current medical system, the prejudices stigmatizing the Gypsy community and the impact of discriminatory practices against them on their health behavior and therapeutic strategies.