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Barbeitas Mady

PhD student in Sociology, EHESS

Contact: mady.unb(at)gmail.com



Dissertation title: Innovation schemes for leishmaniasis in Brazil:  A new path for the development of drugs and vaccines for one of the world’s most neglected diseases

Under the supervision of Maurice Cassier

I am particularly interested in innovation schemes for neglected diseases. The validation of neglected diseases and their entry as a category into the global political scene has encouraged new schemes to be set up for the development of drugs and vaccines, in particular in the countries of the South. These schemes are based on a technological development model shared between the North and the South, and between the public sector and the private sector. The model is known by its initials, PDP (product development partnership). PDPs facilitate the implementation of these projects, thus accelerating the move from the experimental phase to the phase of therapeutic use. The creation of PDPs for leishmaniasis in Brazil is part of the national public-health plan. It is a new government strategy to free itself from technological dependence on the North. It is known as the new geography of innovation.