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Diallo Hassimiou

PhD student in Sociology, Paris Descartes University

Postgraduate program: Social Sciences - Sociology - Mental Health

Contact: d.hassimiou(at)gmail.com


Dissertation title: Starting from a critical analysis of the social and professional representations of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorders)-based mental disabilities, what technical compensation of the disability situation is possible in the workplace environment?

Under the supervision of Xavier Briffault

OCDs are not a simple mania. They are infinitely repeated acts. The everyday life of OCD-affected persons is disturbed, with consequences for them and their families. Their gestures usually take up several hours of their days. Based on this, several questions deserve to be answered today:

  • How can the work situations of OCD-affected persons be apprehended?
  • What innovative compensation arrangements (technical or not) can there be for the mental disability of OCD-affected persons in their professional environment?
  • This questioning will allow me to approach the social and professional life of persons suffering from OCDs with a possible mental-disability situation.