Gasnier Camille

PhD student in Sociology, EHESS

Contact: camille.gasnier(at)

Thesis defended on 21 March 2018: Reinventing the social state: Standardizing occupational health

Under the supervision of Jean-Paul Gaudillière

Our research is focused on developing a new form of regulating working conditions through an international tool, namely standardization. Although working conditions were standardized a long time ago, particularly regarding safety requirements, recently less technical and more social standards have been developed, aimed at managing the health of workers or the quality of life at work. How are international standards developed on these subjects and what is the nature of the effects of the application of these standards? We are particularly interested in a group of important actors in these developments, namely auditors. What type of expertise do they use? How is this new form of expertise and regulation articulated with that of the traditional actors (occupational medicine, labor inspectorate, joint advisory and training bodies in health and safety at work, for example)? To explore these questions, our main field of observation is the French standardization organization AFNOR (Association Française de Normalisation).