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Vaumoron Sébastien

PhD student in Sociology

Contact: sebastien.vaumoron(at)gmail.com

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Education, experience, and current work

Sébastien Vaumoron has a CAPES, a MASTER in Psychoanalysis (Paris 8), a MASTER 2 in Social Sciences (EHESS), a D.U. in Child Psychiatry (Paris 5 Med. School), a D. I. U. in Alcohol and Society (Angers Med. School), and a D.U. in Criminal Psychology (University of Toulouse). He worked in social-emergency institutions before working as educational psychologist at the maternal mission under the Inspection Académique de la Sarthe and at the Maison Départementale des Adolescents de la Sarthe. He is currently preparing a PhD in Sociology on the diagnostic process of ADHD in the Pays de Loire region, under the supervision of Alain Ehrenberg (Cermes3).