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Volard Corinne

PhD student in Sociology, Paris Descartes University

Contact: corinne.volard(at)etu.parisdescartes.fr


Dissertation title: Child abuse seen in the light of intra-family socialization and of child protection in France: What family dynamics need to be mobilized for a suitable treatment of high-risk situations?

Under the supervision of Xavier Briffault and Thomas Saïas

The research, proposed here on the French territory, will try to identify and to analyze the processes at work in the mechanisms of appearance, reproduction and, when possible, reduction in child abuse within the family group.

In a holistic and interactionist perspective, we will analyze the social conditions of parenting and we will question the family dynamics in terms of parental practices, as well as the life paths of the individuals involved. We will seek to identify and analyze forms of socialization and dysfunctions within family groups that would encourage or reduce abuse (this category will be also worked on).

The work aims, as a second objective, to help the intervention methodology of child-protection professionals with parents identified as “abusive” or “high-risk” in order to gain more specific knowledge enabling the development of better intervention strategies to stop the appearance and/or transmission of abuse and thus better prevent negative consequences for the children and future adults.

The study will be conducted within a research-action framework. It will be based on an ethnographic survey within the private sphere, in the families’ homes. It will be carried out on a health territory and the families included in the survey will be identified, in part, with the assistance of social-support and health networks.