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Read Ursula

Anthropologist, Postdoctoral research fellow

Contact: ursula.read(at)inserm.fr




I hold a PhD in anthropology from University College London, UK. My research interests are in the social and subjective experience of mental illness, in particular ‘severe mental illness’ such as psychosis, and the ways in which global mental health interventions become constructed and translated into practices on the ground. My interest in transcultural psychiatry and the anthropology of mental health arose from my experience as an occupational therapist working with patients from diverse social and cultural backgrounds in mental health services in London UK. I subsequently gained a doctoral fellowship from the UK Economic and Social Research Council to conduct an ethnographic study of the impact of severe mental illness on family life in Ghana, including experiences of psychiatric treatment and traditional and faith healing. I have since completed qualitative research with young adults from diverse ethnic backgrounds in London as part of a longitudinal social epidemiological study of ethnic differences in health and wellbeing funded by the UK Medical Research Council. My research responds to longstanding debates around cultural influences on recovery from mental illness and the recent expansion of global mental health initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa. I explore these issues through examining the day to day experiences of people with mental illness and family members providing care, as well as the practices of health workers, NGOs and traditional and faith healers. In considering such questions in the context of sub-Saharan Africa and among ethnic minorities of African heritage in Europe I am interested in the legacies of colonialism and migration, and the intersection of historical, social and structural factors with the experience of mental illness and its treatment, including health systems and resources, international health policy and donor activities, poverty and inequality, and racism and discrimination. For my current research I am investigating the introduction of rights-based approaches to mental health care in Ghana as part of the European Research Council funded Global Health project at CERMES3.

Selected publications

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Book Reviews

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