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Schetrit Olivier

PhD in Anthropology, Post-doctoral CNRS-CERMES3-PHS/EHESS 2016

Contact: olivier.schetrit(at)ehess.fr

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Beyond examing the creative opportunities and potential for D/deaf artists, my PhD thesis in social anthopology and ethnography entitled, Deaf Culture: using visual media to examine the artistic work and identity politics of Deaf people in France and in international networks, argued that the most powerful and straightforward way of demonstrating that Sign languages are equal to any other language, is through a shared dialogue between D/deaf and hearing people. 

As a Deaf anthropologist, I am developing my research in a number of areas in order to identify the best way to communicate the affirmative notion of Deaf Gain, that is, the ways in which Deaf culture can benefit and bring value to hearing people. This involves examining how ways of learning, perceiving the world, and communicating can take us beyond current frontiers of knowledge and sensory constructions to interrogate the boundaries of and between the senses.
I am also currently reworking my thesis to publish a monograph on Deaf Culture, which will also be translated into English. I am simultaneously working on the video archive of interviews and reports that I have developed with the aim of producing a documentary film.