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Fiorilli Olivia

PhD in gender studies (history/sociology), IFRIS post-doc 


Contact: rogerfiorilli(at)gmail.com


My research pathways has developed at the intersection between gender and queer studies and the history of medicine and healthcare. In 2014 I completed a PhD in gender studies at the University of Rome la Sapienza. In my dissertation, titled "Constructing the 'modern nurse': gender, biopolitics, imagery in the first 30 years of 20th century", I intersected the category of gender and the notion of biopolitics in order to analyse the discursive and social construction of "modern nursing” as "feminine profession" in Italy. In parallel to my PhD work, I have also researched drag king practices in Italy.  

In 2014 I gained a post-doc fellowship in the ERC funded project "TRANSRIGHTS : gender citizenship and sexual rights, transgender lives from a transnational perspective", hosted by the ICS/University of Lisbon. In the frame of this project my research work has developed along the axe "health, vulnerability, biopower".

The research project that I develop as a post-doc at the Cermes3 – whose title is "The (bio)politics of trans health: negotiating innovation in trans biomedicine and healthcare (France and Italy)" – is inscribed in an enquiry on the relationship between gender, medicine, self-determination, health and bio-power that I have conducted throughout my itinerary as a researcher. "The (bio)politics of trans health" aims at studying with a comparative and connected approach the negotiations and conflicts between different social actors such as trans movements and health professionals that have shaped the development of trans biomedicine and healthcare in Italy and France. 

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