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Mc Dowell Andrew

PhD in Anthropology

Contact: andrew-james.mcdowell(at)inserm.fr



Andrew McDowell (PhD, Anthropology) is an ERC-funded Postdoctoral Fellow with GLOBHEALTH at CERMES3 in Paris. His research focuses on tuberculosis and tuberculosis control initiatives in India to trace the use by and effects of global health on social science’s analytic concepts. Engaging ethnographic interlocutors including TB sufferers in rural Rajasthan, private sector clinicians in Mumbai’s low-income neighborhoods, and Indian TB experts and technocrats, his work aims to develop a multi-scalar analysis of the effects of global health on those it intervenes upon. His work centers on a simple question: what does it mean to live as an object of global health. As part of GlobHealth he pursues an anthropological history of the National TB Program and its process of revision to develop India’s Revised National TB Control Program. This inquiry explores the changing forms of knowledge on which a public health program might be based in a time of global health. It focuses on processes of developing an intervention through sociological and operational research as well as expert knowledge that shift through time and scales of data to understand the salient loci of global health claims making at the turn of the 21st century.

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