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The meaning of agitation in children:Quests diagnostics, family involvement, and professional views around reputedly “hyperactive children” (SAGE)

Pfizer Foundation contract (2014-2016) | Cermes3, Cerlis, CeRIES, Cref
Coordinator: Aude Béliard, Cermes3

This research project aim is to study the trajectories (from their first contact with educational institutions to their entry into adolescence) of children designated as hyperactive and/or attention deficient.It will endeavor to chart the professional networks and the care-supply configurations that open a range of possible trajectories, to understand how the families find their way or are directed within this institutional maze, and to analyze the stakes involved in the public-health policies that contribute to draw and redraw this fragmented landscape.

We will proceed mainly by comparing monographs of territories in France, focusing on both the families and care institutions (medical and educational), which we have selected as a first step toward the development of international comparisons.