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EHLEIS (European Health and Life Expectancy Information System) joint action

Contracts: European Commission, DREES, CNSA (2011-2014) | Cermes3
Coordinator:Jean-Marie Robine, Cermes3

Monitoring the evolution of life expectancy at birth is no longer sufficient in countries with low mortality and fertility rates like France and Germany because in a context of increasing individual life expectancy and a strongly aging population, both citizens and decision makers are more concerned about the quality of their life years.This finding has led the European Commission to select Healthy Life Years as one of the structural European Union indicators under the Lisbon Strategy (2001-2010). The Healthy Life Year (HLY) indicator, like the other health-expectancy indicators developed over the past decades, aims to evaluate whether the additional life years are lived in good or in bad health.This joint HLY action is a new European effort, co-funded by DG Health and Food Safety and ten Member States, to evaluate European initiatives for healthy and active aging and to undertake joint in-depth research on the factors associated with "healthy life years".