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New approaches to psychiatric care:Clinical and sociological perspectives (SO-PSY)

CNRS Interdisciplinary Mission contract (2013-2016) | Cermes3, GDR 3557 and 3CRP (Sainte-Anne Hospital complex), Centre Norbert Elias UMR 8562 (Marseille)
Coordinator: Alain Erhenberg, Cermes3

The project associates clinical and sociological research to work out fine-grained descriptive clinical approaches and to report the experiences of persons suffering from schizophrenia in order to develop new treatment techniques or procedures.Psychiatrists and sociologists are associated in the project to investigate four aspects of psychiatric care:

  1. "Entering disease and care"
  2. "Describing psychiatric diseases for better care"
  3. "Cognitive remediation"
  4. "Homeless patients: New procedures, new trajectories"

Cermes3 participants: Nicolas Henckes, Baptiste Moutaud, Pierre-Henri Castel

Outside members: Marie-Odile Krebs (PU-PH), Isabelle Amado (PH), Aline Sarradon (contract researcher), Cyril Farnarier (postdoctoral fellow)