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Exiting addiction (Change)

MILDT Paris 13 - PREVDROG contract (2011-2013) | Cermes3
Coordinator:Laurence Simmat-Durand

The determinants and evolution of drug use are complex to establish.Risk reduction is currently the dominant paradigm for reflecting on the relationship to drugs in our society.This policy has allowed considerable improvement in the health situation and the daily lives of drug users but has resulted in producing a primarily health-based and medical view of drug use.In addition, this new risk-reduction paradigm interprets the discourse on abstinence from psychoactive substances as a resurgence of the moral discourse on drugs.In this context, work that has focused on the ways of exiting drug use in France has been scarce.To go beyond the apparent polemic between a risk-reduction policy and promotion of abstinence, our project focused on analyzing of the ways of exiting and/or changing drug use and on their diversity.